Alsico’s guide to the right community mask

Alsico’s guide to the right community mask

‘Alsico, more than workwear’ That is Alsico’s slogan. Besides your personal protection, they also take care of the ecological, social and economic responsibility. This is among others some of the reasons why Alsico is one of the leading companies in protective workwear.

At Alsico, quality and comfort are paramount. This is guaranteed by the Belgian Quality Masks® certificate on each of the masks listed here.

For more information about the meaning of an Alsico’s Belgian Quality Masks® certified mask, click here.

Comfort for everyone

To meet various needs, Alsico developed different mouth masks.
With the help of a diagram, Alsico makes it easy for the user to find the correct mouth mask.


Hereby an overview of all available Alsicomasks that are Belgian Quality Masks® certified, their purpose and the qualities:





People working in the food industry can opt for the Alsico ‘Food-mask’. This mask consists of 100% polyester, has a perfect fit, a nosebridge and is carbon neutral. As mentioned earlier, Alsico values sustainability, which is why this mask is recyclable to new raw materials. The filtration capacity is still 83% after 100 washes.






The FR-mask is suitable for people working with high temperatures and/or additional heat and flame protection is needed. The mask is made out of Normex®IIIA, flame retardant and is tested and complies with the standards on conform, breathing capacity and filtration. This mask can be washed 25 times and still holds a filtration capacity of more than 90%.







If the mask will only be worn for 30 minutes, then there is the ‘Easy’ mask option. The ‘Easy’ masks are recyclable to new raw materials and cheaper in use than single use masks. They are easy to take on and of plus they are available in different colours and sizes so even your child can walk around safe and comfortable. Even after 50 washes the mask has a filtration capacity of 91%.








For physical activities and longer use there is the ‘Comfort’ mask. It’s a ‘one size fits all’ mask that is carbon neutral and recyclable to new raw materials. Just like the ‘Easy’ mask, this mask is cheaper in use than single use masks. The filter capacity is still at 83% after 100 washes.






This mask is ideal for challenging circumstances and when the distance of 1,5 meter can be kept. This mask has a high filtration capacity with its 100% polyester-carbon fabric. It is carbon neutral and recyclable to new raw materials. And just like most of their masks it is cheaper in use than the single use masks. This mask can be washed a 100 times and still holds a filtration capacity of 95%.





Alsico pays attention to detail. There are storage bags that keep 1-4 Alsicomasks clean and safe. The click system makes connecting the bag to your purse, belt or other, possible.

Because these masks are reusable there are laundry nets for 2 or 10 masks.

If you care about your safety and the environment, the Alsico mouthmasks are the one.

You can order your AlsicoMask here. For more information on Belgian Quality Masks® click here.


Stay safe and feel free to contact us if you want to know more.



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