How to clean a fabric face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, GINETEX has been at the forefront in all matters related to textile care by proposing its care recommendations to minimize the risks of spreading the disease.

Today, it has become increasingly clear for most of governments and health organisations that, in addition to respecting all social distancing rules, wearing a face mask is key in limiting the propagation of the virus.

As a result, everywhere around the world, we see the production of fabric face masks, both by individuals and textile manufacturers. But how to properly care for your fabric face mask?

Main recommendations on how to wash a fabric face mask

  • Wash the fabric face mask before using it for the first time!
  • Wash it every time you wear it.
  • Be careful when removing it by not letting the mask touch your face, nose, or mouth. You can do so by slipping the elastic bands from your ears or untying the strings.
  • Wash your hands before and immediately afterward removing your fabric face mask.


The care instruction recommendations

  • Washing – Washing machine programme at 60°C and for at least 30 minutes is required, normal process, with a classic laundry soap.
  • Bleaching – Using bleach products, like chlorine and oxygen bleach, may be recommended. However, please note that bleaching may damage faster the mask itself: the colour, the quality of the elastic or the textile material.
  • Drying – Mild drying process at 60°C minimum in a dryer (delicate textile).
    Or a natural drying in a clean and ventilated area.
  • Ironing – Iron must be at minimum sole temperature of 110°C, without steam. However, a higher temperature up to 150°C is allowed.
  • Professional cleaning – Professional dry cleaning is not allowed. Normal professional wet cleaning process is accepted.


If any, please refer to the care instructions of the textile mask, whether it may withstand the before mentioned care processes. Textile brands could provide their own recommendations on the product, which may vary slightly depending on the composition of the face mask itself and considering national legislations of each country on textile care of face masks.

GINETEX recognizes the textile and apparel industry’s commitment to produce face masks to alleviate the current crisis and will continue to support the industry throughout.

Textile care labelling symbols are a GINETEX registered trademark. Their use by textile and apparel brands requires an annual agreement and contribution to GINETEX.

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