The first BelgianQualityMasks® Certificates have been awarded

The first BelgianQualityMasks® certificates have been officially awarded to Alsico NV, Congratulations to Alsico.

BelgianQualityMasks® is a quality label for reusable and washable textile masks.

BelgianQualityMasks® labelled masks are exclusively intended to help reduce the spread of infectious substances from wearers to their environment. (e.g. Influenza, Corona…).

They are not medical devices, nor are they personal protective equipment according the respective EU regulations.

The BQM® quality label specifies the minimum quality requirements in terms of design / materials / dimensions / maintenance / use / storage / recycling.

When you have a BQM® mask in your hands, you know with certainty that it is:

– reusable and durable

– guaranteed to perform as specified

– guaranteed washable, both at home and in industry and can withstand high temperatures

– guaranteed to filter particles according to the specified lifetime

– very comfortable and easy to use

– recyclable

On our website there is also a list available of specialist laundries affiliated @ FBT that know how to take proper care of BQM® masks and even carry out repeat wash tests.

Simply click on the company name to find out more.

BelgianQualityMasks® quality requirements

How can I obtain the BelgianQualityMasks® quality seal?